Squeezing more work out of fewer people is the exhausting reality that we public servants are now facing:

The federal government has issued new guidelines on the public servants use of AI, but we are responsible for making sure the content generated is factual, legal and ethical. More training is needed to ensure we are comfortable using the many different types of AI tools:

Last Friday afternoon I phoned Canada Life because I really needed information about our drug coverage plan. Instead of getting any help, I was directed back to the website and told all service representatives were unavailable. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable, and apparently still a common occurrence:

Who will best represent the interests of the members of CAPE? This year we are fortunate to have several candidates to chose from, and they run the gambit from Boomers to Generation Xs to Millennials:

The Fall Economic Statement tells us that the government plans to make further cuts to spending within the federal public service without explaining how. It’s time for CAPE to focus on protecting our jobs: